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Volunteers Needed for Carnival Day!

The JEES Leaders of Tomorrow Fundraising Event will wrap up with a Carnival Day for the kids on Friday, May 6th.  This is a fun day for the students to get to come together to celebrate their successes throughout the year.  The carnival day has been a tradition at JEES for many years, and has gone by different names (Skip-A-Rama, Fun-Day-Rama).  This fun day for the students is a separate event from the fundraiser,however is held at the conclusion of the annual fundraising event.  

We are looking for volunteers to help run stations as well as prepare and distribute snacks.  Teacher's will be responsible for staying with their class and supervising their students on this day, so parent volunteers are needed to help with the carnival games.  

To sign up, please call or stop by the office.  

Thank-you very much for you support.  It means the world to the students to have you as part of this fun day!


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