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Learning Commons Art Exhibits

The Learning Commons is excited to present the following Art Exhibits:

Abstractland - April 12th - May 10th 2017

"Abstractland features a selection of twenty oil paintings by Les Graff, and spans four decades of the artist’s prolific career. The paintings, which he refers to as “oil studies,” were produced on location in various settings around Alberta: mountains, prairies, lakes and farmland. His spontaneous and intuitive approach produces abstract works that “intensify the real by defamiliarizing it,”1 a fundamental quality of abstract expressionism. The results convey characteristics of nature, such as the light over a farm field at sunset or the silence of the boreal forests in winter. They are both aggressively and thoughtfully rendered, evoking the power and beauty of our natural world."

When We Were Young - May 17th - June 14th

"When We Were Young features the work of five talented female artists from Medicine Hat. Each artist was invited to interpret and respond to the theme “when we were young.” The works explore the innocence and joy of childhood, relationships with siblings, and the unexpected and sometimes traumatic experiences of youth. Participating artists Jessica Plattner, Susan Knight, Safira Lachapelle, Kat Valenzuela, and Wendy Stuck have created works through a variety of approaches: oil painting, photography, mixed media assemblage, and drawing. The results are a diverse collection of unique interpretations that celebrate both the complexities and simplicities of youth."

Anyone is welcome to come and see the amazing displays!




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