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CUPCAKE SALE on St. Patrick's Day!

JEES School Council will be holding its second cupcake sale of the year on Thursday, March 17th.  Cupcakes will cost 50 cents each and there will be a limit of 2 cupcakes per child.  There will not be a "last call" on remaining cupcakes as any extras will be donated to a local organization (i.e. - the firehall/police station, etc.)  

If you are bringing cupcakes for the cupcake sale, please make sure that they do not contain nuts or nut products (any type of nuts, skor bits, reeses pieces, etc.), and please deliver them to the office by 10:00 a.m.  Please make sure to label your cupcake holders with your name and child's grade so that it can be easily returned to you.  

This is also St. Patrick's day, so if you feel the urge, please feel free to celebrate in your green attire on this day!



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